Did the Xperia Z4 just pass through the FCC?


Xperia Z4 Ultra concept image

A new unidentified Sony device has just passed through the FCC and it could be the Xperia Z4. The documents give little away as far as naming the device, however it does list a firmware build number. The build number for the purported Sony Xperia Z4 is 25.0.A.0.33 whereas the upcoming firmware for the Xperia Z3 series starts with 23.1.X.X.XX. The higher build number could be the best hint towards how close the Xperia Z4 is to hitting the shelves.

Some other information within the FCC documents include that the device supports LTE bands 2, 5, and 7. We won’t know for sure, but the Xperia Z4 is expected to debut at MWC in March. It is expected to be the highest end Xperia device to date including a Snapdragon 810 processor, a possible QHD display, and a rumored 4 GB of RAM. A few images from the FCC document can be seen below.

Xperia Z4 Xperia Z4


Here are the latest specs on what is to become the Sony Xperia Z4. The latest rumor still has both QHD and FHD variants, but the QHD will see the release in North America.

Dimensions 145.3 x 70 x 7.5 mm
Weight 155 grams
Display 5.2″ (1440 x 2560) LCD | 565 ppi5.2″ (1080 x 1920) LCD | 424 ppi
Camera 20.7 megapixels (rear) OIS | 5 megapixels (front)
Hardware 2.0 GHz octa-core Snapdragon 810
Battery 3,400 mAh
RAM 3 GB (Europe and Asia)

4 GB (United States)

Storage 64 GB (expandable)
Operating System Android 5.0 Lollipop
Durability IP68 certified
Colors White, Black, Blue, Silver

Source: Xperia Blog


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