2018 Sony Xperia devices leak in renders, show narrow bezels


Sony Xperia devices have continued the same industrial design for quite some time. Even though manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, and even OnePlus took big steps in reducing bezel size, Sony did not. A few months ago we reported that Sony’s next generation Xperia devices could feature a radical redesign. If new renders are to be believed, Sony’s 2018 designs will be quite impressive

The website Vortex.ge was able to obtain design drafts of Sony’s upcoming Xperia devices. From that, they were able to piece together some renders that give us a great look at what Sony has in store for us. While both devices feature a completely new design, they still keep the key Xperia features we’ve been used to.

Sony is sticking to their guns and retaining dual front-facing speakers on both devices, even though they feature extremely thin bezels. They both also retain the dedicated camera button which insinuates Sony will continue with their camera-heavy focus. The devices also feature a USB type C port. dual rear cameras, and lack a headphone jack.

While both devices feature slim bezels, that is where the similarities end. One device features rounded corners and a fingerprint sensor on the back. If this turns out to be true, it would be the first Sony phone to feature a fingerprint sensor on the back. The more squared device seems to retain the fingerprint sensor within the power button.

Sony Xperia 2018 squared

The boxier Xperia model has one of the most unique backs of a smartphone we’ve seen to date. It sports dual cameras that have a generous amount of spacing between the lenses. It also has a very unique glass/metal construction. It would be interesting to see if this device supports wireless charging while having a mostly metal build.

It is unknown if either of these devices will come to the United States, but if I were a betting man it would more than likely be the device with the rear-facing fingerprint sensor. Sony Xperia devices haven’t shipped with the sensors enabled in the power button, so this might be a way around Sony’s issues. It also is a more traditional smartphone design. The boxier device could be limited to a Japanese release.

As far as specifications, the Sony Xperia will feature the upcoming Snapdragon 845 processor (surprise!) and 6GB of RAM. Storage is said to come at 128GB, but microSD expansion is unknown. Previous Xperia devices have featured expandable storage, so it is likely. These Sony Xperia devices will also carry on with Sony’s 4K display, but size is unconfirmed. The devices will run Android Oreo out of the box. Sony is expected to debut their new Xperia lineup at MWC next year.


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