Here’s why the OnePlus 6 is likely to have an in-display fingerprint sensor


The OnePlus 5T was just released last month, but that doesn’t mean rumors of the OnePlus 6 can’t start swirling around. OnePlus is trending towards releasing two devices per year, so in less than six months we will have the 5T’s successor. Currently, it is rumored that the next OnePlus is likely to have its fingerprint sensor relocated once again.

If you remember not too long ago, Synaptics announced they successfully implanted the in-display fingerprint sensor and it was ready for prime time. Not only that, but Clear ID as it’s dubbed, was already going to ship with a top five phone manufacturer. We now know that the manufacturer is the Chinese company Vivo. If you’re wondering why this influences what OnePlus will do in the OnePlus 6, here’s why.

OnePlus 5T and Vivo X20

Vivo, OnePlus, and OPPO are all owned by the parent company BBK Electronics. If that is news to you, take a look at the Vivo X20 and compare it to the OnePlus 5T.  The Vivo X20 was released nearly two full months before the OnePlus 5T, yet they share the same exact design. Since Vivo is going to be the first phone manufacture to benefit from Synaptics Clear ID, OnePlus is likely to follow suit. If this is true, that means the fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus well once again be on the front of the device.

According to GizmoChina, they claim the OnePlus 6 could be released as soon as March 2018, but this seems rather unlikely. Odds are it will be released in June due to a shortage of supply on the Snapdragon 845 processor. For example, earlier this year Samsung bought so many Snapdragon 835 processors that LG was forced to use the lesser Snapdragon 821 in the LG G6.


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