How to disable Chrome Custom Tabs on Android [tutorial]


One thing Google has been pushing is Chrome Custom Tabs. It is a way for apps to utilize Chrome’s browsing experience, but allows the app to control more of the environment. Although transitioning from an app to a Chrome Custom Tab is seamless, it limits what you are able to do within the browser window. If you are like me, then you are not a fan of it. This is how to disable Chrome Custom Tabs in all apps, the Google Feed, and the Google App.

Disable Chrome Custom Tabs in all apps

In order to disable Chrome Custom Tabs throughout all apps, aside from the Google Feed, you need to open your Chrome web browser. Once Chrome is open, put in chrome://flags/#tab-management-experiment-type as the URL and hit enter. This not only opens Chrome’s hidden menu, but takes you right to the flag you need to disable. Once you disable it, you will need to re-open your web browser. Now, apps will always default to the web browsing experience.

Disable Chrome Custom Tabs in the Google Feed and Google App

In order to disable Chrome Custom Tabs in the Google Feed, there are slightly different steps. It has to be disabled directly within the Google App. To do so, open the settings from within the Google Feed. In the main menu for the Google Feed, open Accounts and Privacy. Disable Open web pages in the Google App. Now all links opened from within the Google App will open within your default web browser.

That is all it takes. Now whenever you open a link from within an app, the Google Feed, or the Google App, it will always open in the full web browsing experience.


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