Google’s Pixel 2 appears in FCC filing with Android 8.0.1, ‘Active Edge’ gesture


The upcoming  HTC-made Google Pixel 2 has appeared in an FCC filing today, confirming some rumored features. The smaller of the two Pixel successors, carries a very similar design to last year’s Pixel, but with some added functionality. Along with dual front-facing speakers, the Pixel 2 will come with HTC’s squeezable frame, as confirmed by the FCC filing.

The application which was just published today, shows a few screenshots from the device’s settings app. The screenshots interestingly enough show the device running Android 8.0.1 and the August security patch. Currently, Developer Preview 4 is labeled as 8.0 and is on July’s security patch. If you remember, last year’s Pixels launched with Android 7.1, so this is no surprise it is a version ahead.

Pixel 2 settings

While the settings app may not seem to interesting, it does provide a few nice tidbits about the upcoming device. Listed under settings is “Languages, input & gestures”. On current Pixel devices on DP4, it is just labeled as “Languages & input.” In the subtext of that menu item, it states “Active Edge on, squeeze for your assistant.” We don’t know if this feature will be mappable like HTC’s U11, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

Lastly, the device listed in the filing comes with 50.66GB of memory free, meaning that the base storage is 64GB. Last year, Pixels came in either 32GB or 128GB, so Google might be dropping the smaller storage size.

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