Sony’s next generation flagships will feature a radical redesign


Sony has been pushing the same industrial design for quite awhile now. When it first came out with its Xperia series, it was one of the more high-end smartphones on the market. It featured a design that was ahead of its time, but now that design has grown stale. While their device’s are still premium, they have been stuck in the past. That is about to change according to Sony India’s managing director Kenichiro Hibi.

With Sony’s competitors coming out with near bezel-less phones and 18:9 aspect ratios, their devices are still rocking very thick top and bottom bezels. According to Hibi, who spoke to The Indian Express, their next generation smartphones will be in a much better place to compete with the new design. He also suggests that it will come in a new model of phones, not the X series which utilizes their omnibalance design.

While he doesn’t hint at how the next generation Sony phone’s will look, we can assume it will follow suit with other 2017 devices. Sony has always used high-end hardware which matches LG and Samsung, but their design has lagged behind. It will be interesting if this can turn the tide for Japanese company.


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