Nexus 6 Toast wooden cover: Review

9.8 Excellent

The wooden covers made from Toast are definitely top-notch. Not only does it bring a natural look to your Nexus 6, but it also adds some much need texture.

  • Quality 10
  • Texture 9
  • Durability 10
  • Customer Service 10
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 9.6

Phone skins are rising in popularity every day it seems. With companies like dbrand and Skinit have vinyl skins, Toast has taken a step further. Instead of printing an image of wood on vinyl, Toast made skins are one hundred percent genuine wood. I was impressed with what I saw online so I ordered up a Walnut rear cover for my Shamu.

Toast covers are carefully measured out and laser cut to give exact dimensions so they fit your device (you can see all covers here), so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting. The only thing you should worry about with Toast covers is which wood grain you want.

I was quite surprised in fact, how fast I received my Toast cover. They shipped out my Nexus 6 cover the same day I ordered and I received it three days later. Not only was shipping prompt, but they continually gave updates of my order status which is nice. In reviews, so many focus strictly on the product and forget about the customer service aspect. With my experience already, I will definitely return to Toast and order future covers from them. Now, on to the review.

Nexus 6 Toast logo

So, I barely had to wait to get my Toast wooden cover, so that was good. Next, came the installation part. It is recommended that you clean the back of your Nexus 6 first, seeing as it is a fingerprint magnet. Luckily for us, Toast includes an alcohol wipe in every order to get your device clean before you apply the cover to it, which is awesome.

Applying a Toast cover is a one and done thing, so make sure you get it aligned where you want it, because there is no peeling it up after you have pressed it down. The back is very sticky, so be very careful when trying to line it up on your device, whether it is a Nexus 6 or something else. I accidentally got it stuck to the bottom of the device and it was pretty difficult to peel up. I salvaged it though! Mine is only slightly off, but it is only noticeable very close up.

Nexus 6 Toast cover side

The Toast cover adds something that not many phones have, which is a real wooden feel to it. Let me tell you first hand, I have received nothing but complements when showing people my Nexus 6 and Walnut Toast cover. I find myself setting my device face-down more often just to admire the natural wood grain on the back of my phone. Not only does it look great, but it definitely adds much-needed grip to the device.

I have had the cover on for almost a week now and there is not even a slight hint of it peeling up. Like I stated earlier, the adhesive on the Toast cover is extremely strong. So far, I am very impressed with not only the feel, but even more so the look. Hopefully they will start releasing Toast covers for the Nexus 6 with the familiar “Nexus” branding on the back; I would buy another one just for that.

If you are looking for a skin for any device and want it to stand out, I would highly recommend a wooden Toast cover. Vinyl skins don’t even compare to the look and feel of natural wood on Toast covers.

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