Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro


Xiaomi is a China-based electronic company that has been mostly known for making billions on ripping-off Apple products. On top of that they even made it on the most important startup by the end of 2014 coming second after Uber. With their great marketing strategy, they have been growing fast in the tech industry.

They were publicly criticized for ripping off Apple on their last flagship the Mi4 because how closely it was related to the iPhone 5, but with the affordable price, who could resist their products? Now that they have their new flagship the Mi Note, they grabbed a lot of attention of the online tech sites and made millions of fans excited.

The Mi Note is a 5.7 inch smartphone that is hard to resist. Take a closer look at the specs and it’s safe to say that this one is a winner.


If the Mi Note was not good enough, they made another variant that has the same design, but beefed up specs.


Xiaomi really wants to dominate the mobile industry by storm this 2015, but with a limited access to their products, will you be getting one for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.


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