Xiaomi is recruiting beta testers for Android Oreo on the Mi A1


The Xiaomi Mi A1 has been a pretty well received device for the Android One program. It features decent specifications that include a dual rear-facing camera. Arguably, the biggest selling point of the Mi A1 is the fact that it runs a stock version of Android. That means it should theoretically get updates much sooner than other devices. Today, it seems that Xiaomi is recruiting beta testers for the Android Oreo update and here is how to sign up.

How to sign up for Android 8.0 Oreo on the Xiaomi Mi A1

Enroll Mi A1 Android Oreo Beta

In order to start the submission process, you will need to download the Xiaomi MIUI Forum app from the Google Play Store. I have embed it below. Once you have download the app, select Recruitment on the homepage. You will have to select the Mi A1 in the dropdown. Now that  you have your device selected, you will need to enter some of your device’s information.

As soon as you submit your device’s information, the MIUI team will send you a personal message on the forums to verify your submission. Once you are approved for the Android Oreo beta, you will receive an update OTA. No need to worry about downloading and flashing the update manually.

Mi A1 running Android Oreo

Xiaomi Mi A1 running Android Oreo

Although there are no bugs currently listed on this forum post, Xiaomi has stated that this is not a stable ROM and will contain bugs. It would be good to back up your files before downloading the full update and installing. If you do encounter any bugs or errors, you are encouraged to submit them here.

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