Working iPhone 6 shows new home screen layout


As of late, most of the leaks regarding the iPhone 6 have come from Chinese sources. This is due to the fact that the manufacturing plant for Apple is in China. Along with that, the Chinese workers are not compensated well, therefore a leak can be their chance at five-minutes of fame. These new images come from a Chinese site where a user posted the photos.

First off. most notably is the difference in the home screen. As you can see, there is now room for 6 rows of Apps on the home screen compared to 5 on the iPhone 5s. The device also has the correct camera and sensor layout that has not been seen on previous high-profile leaks. 
On the back of the device, we can see it has the dual-LED flash, which is universally agreed upon that Apple will stick with that. The buttons also come with the same slim profile as its predecessors. 
On this image we can see that the user is on the official Apple App Store and in the settings app, which has been missing from the clones due to the fact that they are running Android heavily layered with an iOS skin. In the ‘about’ section of the settings, iOS 8 is visible along with the 64 GB of storage. 
Either this leak is a very good fabrication of PhotoShop or we may have our first actually glimpse of the iPhone 6 ahead of its September 9th debut. This device is sporting everything the other clone devices have missed, so it is promising. If any other images get released, we’ll have you covered. 
If you would like to see the video where the user unlocks the device with the TouchID sensor, you can see it here

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