iPhone 6 leaks flooding the internet ahead of today’s launch


Today is finally the day where Apple will debut its iPhone 6, both the 4.7 and 5.5 inch variants, and maybe even a the long-anticipated iWatch. We are a little over four hours away from the debut event, and leaks are spreading like wild fire.

TechnoBuffalo has a posted multiple images of the new iPhone 6, in an apparent hands-on session via China Mobile. The images that we will post below, shows the user going through multiple Apple applications including FaceTime and messaging.

Along with the images, TechnoBuffalo says the devices expected specifications include a 750 x 1134 resolution that comes in at 290 ppi, which is well short of the iPhone 5s’ 326 ppi, sapphire glass, and an A8 processor.

MacRumors has also posted a good chunk of information surrounding the iPhone 6. The same person that zzray, that leaked the first images of the ‘actual’ iPhone 6, posted some benchmarks of the 4.7 inch variant.

This image shows that the device will indeed come with 1 GB of RAM and will have a dual-core processor. It was rumored that it could be a quad-core processor, and have 2 GB of RAM but this disputes that. This is still a leak, so until the debut in a few hours, nothing is finalized.


Another leak, this one coming from GSMArena, is claiming that China Mobile has already started advertising the upcoming iPhone 6 in Russia. It shows the two iPhone 6s, side by side and comes with a few calender dates.

The first date, is September 10, likely to represent when the iPhone will be up for pre-order through the carrier. The next dates are September 19 and 26, the first might represent the shipping date whereas the later date could be the actual release of the iPhone 6.

We believe that this ad is a hoax, due to a the  Passbook application not holding up to previous leaks. In the images above, you can see the Passbook app has four stripes instead of three. The red stripe, which is not seen in the ad, is likely the new mobile payment option for the iPhone 6. GSMArena tends to post supposed tipped ‘leaks’ that turn up false a lot of the time, so we’d be careful with this one.

The Apple event can be streamed by all, under certain conditions. According to MacRumors, you must be on a Mac/iOS device while using the Safari browser to access the stream. The event starts at 10 AM pacific standard time.

What are your thoughts on the leaks; are you picking up the iPhone 6? Let us know in the comment section below or find us on Twitter or Facebook.


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