OnePlus icon packs hit the Play Store, only for OnePlus 5


The official OnePlus icon packs have been added to the Google Play Store by OnePlus. The icon packs now join the OnePlus Launcher and OnePlus Weather apps. Nothing is visually new about these icon packs, but they do include support for dynamic icon support for both weather and the calendar app.

These OnePlus icon packs come in three styles, standard icons, square icons, and circular icons. These icon packs are only compatible with the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus Launcher version 2.1 and above. All of these apps are currently in an unreleased state, meaning it isn’t the final product.

Now that OnePlus added these icon packs to the Play Store, it gives them the ability to update them much quicker and easier than before. Previously, if they were to update the OnePlus icon packs, it would have to be sent out through a new build of OxygenOS. The Play Store links for each icon pack can be found below.

OnePlus Icon Pack (regular)
OnePlus Icon Pack – Square
OnePlus Icon Pack – Round


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