OnePlus Launcher is now available on the Google Play Store (sort of)


It seems that OnePlus is taking a page out of other OEMs books and adding the OnePlus Launcher to the Google Play Store. OnePlus’s Pixel-esque launcher has shown up on the Google Play Store in an unreleased beta state. The only issue is all of the beta slots are currently full.

OnePlus Launcher image courtesy of Android Police

The newest OnePlus Launcher has received quite the overhaul if you’ve been living under a rock. The latest version features a lot of influence from Google’s Pixel Launcher. There is no more dedicated app drawer button – meaning the user has to swipe up from the bottom of the display to open the app drawer. Its immersive design also includes support for dynamic icons, such as the calendar displaying the current day of the month. Other features include the OnePlus Shelf, which is a similar area to the Google Feed on the Pixel Launcher.

Since the beta is currently full, the link for registering is currently not available. No matter, thanks to Android Police and APK Mirror, you can download the launcher directly. We will let you know once it is live again.

Download OnePlus Launcher

Edit: You can view a cached version of the OnePlus Launcher Google Play Store page here



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