LG G4 price revealed in T-Mobile and Sprint contest rules


It is no secret that the LG G4 is being given away by multiple parties headed by LG. Among those are LG themselves, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The latter two are giving away fully working devices, but LG on the other hand, areĀ giving out Wi-Fi only models. We found this out by digging into the contest rules.

We decided to do the same for the Sprint and T-Mobile contests, just to see if they were truly giving away fully functional devices. Not only are they giving away complete devices (we would hope so, for the carrier’s sake), but they also reveal the price, which starts at $600. Now it is worth noting that the contest devices are the standard plastic-backed models and not the leather variant, so there will most likely be a price hike there.

We expect the leather variants of the LG G4 battery cover to go for an extra $50, which is still reasonable, considering the LG G4 is quite cheaper than its competitors. Full pricing on plans for the respective carriers have not yet been revealed, but will most likely surface later this month.

In case you haven’t signed up to win an LG G4 yet, here are a few places to test your luck.

Sprint – giving away a total of eight devices

T-Mobile – giving away a total of 28 devices (7 each week, you can sign-up every week)

LG (WiFi only device) – giving away a total of 40 devices


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