The Razer Phone could be coming to T-Mobile


The Razer Phone was announced on November 1 and it has made quite an impact within the smartphone community. Razer’s first phone is unique due to its 120Hz display and gaming tailored experience. Natively, Android phones currently run 60Hz displays, so it is quite an impressive leap. When the Razer phone goes on sale this November, the only thing it will be missing is a carrier partner… maybe.

Currently, the Razer Phone is slated to go on sale only on Razer’s website, but an interesting series of tweets could change that. T-Mobile’s vocal CEO John Legere, responded to a tweet posted by Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan where he was asking which carriers Razer should partner with. Now we don’t know how official this interaction is, but it bodes well for T-Mobile customers looking to get the Razer Phone on an installment plan.

Seeing Razer partner with T-Mobile would not be surprising, as the carrier is very active within the gaming community. Currently, the Magenta carrier is sponsoring BlizzCon and Legere is also very into gaming. It would seem like a natural partnership. Although nothing has been officially announced, it’s something we should keep an eye on.


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