LG G4 trial phone is a Wi-Fi only model; valued at $329


The LG G4 was announced nearly two weeks ago and it came along with some interesting news. LG was going to offer up the LG G4 to lucky contestant winners to test-drive the device before the official launch sometime in late May or early June. Finally, last week, LG announced the trial program was live in the United States.

Not many details are known about the actual program or what it actually entails. It is reported that they will have to report back on social media, but it is unknown to what extent. If you go to the actual trial page and click on theĀ official rules link, we find an interesting feature of the LG G4 being handed, rather lack thereof.

LG G4 WiFi only

First off, for the United States LG is only giving away 40 units with a value of $329. Wait, that can’t be right, can it? $329 for a brand new LG G4? Well, the reasoning is that the units they are giving away are only Wi-Fi enabled devices. That means you’ll get your hands on a top-notch media player.

While it is still cool that LG is giving some devices for their customers to test-drive before the official launch, it is disappointing that they are only Wi-Fi enabled. On the bright side, you’ll still be able to use the top-notch camera.

What are your thoughts on this news? Are you still signing up? Let us know!



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