LG G4 trial program is live; sign-up now!


Before LG announced the G4 last month, it was rumored that they would offer some sort of consumer test program. When the LG G4 was announced on April 28th, it was confirmed that they would allow consumers to test-drive the device before launch. This would include LG sending out 4,000 G4 units to some lucky consumers to go through a battery of tests with the device.

Today, LG launched the sign-up page for the United States, which you can access here. If you are one of the lucky ‘VIPs’, you’ll be given a free, brand-new G4. You’ll need to follow along with their social media challenge, which will most likely posting about your experiences.

It is good to see a phone manufacturer stepping outside of the box, because it is definitely great for some lucky consumers, but even better for LG. Although they have to giveaway a few thousand units, the press and publicity they’ll get will totally be worth it. When the LG G4 hits shelves this June, will you be picking it up?



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