HTC hints at the U11 Plus coming with wireless charging


The HTC U11 Plus is turning into a “phone of the year” candidate more and more. The device is taking what everyone loved about the U11 and upping the ante. Not only is the device expected to feature the same build quality, but it is expected to slim down the device’s bezels. Along with featuring an 18:9 display, the U11 Plus could bring a new feature to the table.

Today, HTC posted a teaser of their event happening on November 2 and it shows what is expected to be the U11 Plus. Aside from confirming what we already know, there is an interesting overlay on the glass back of the device. It seems to be that HTC is hinting at the device being capable of wireless charging. This will be the first device HTC has pushed wireless charging since the Droid DNA in 2012 (thanks Kevin!). It is possible due to the glass build of the U11 Plus.

Since the device is already expected to come with a much larger 3930mAh battery and now wireless charging, it will be slightly thicker than its predecessor. The original U11 was 7.9mm thick whereas the U11 Plus will be 8.5mm thick. The device is also expected to be slightly taller at 158.5mm and slightly narrower at 74.9mm than the original U11 of 153.9mm tall and 75.9mm wide.


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