Xposed Framework for Android Oreo nearing completion


Xposed Framework is one of the most popular modifications Android users can install on their phones. It has been a method for users to add features that weren’t originally included on their devices or a way to improve their user experience. Xposed was most recently updated to support Android Nougat a few months ago, but Android Oreo support is already on the horizon.

Although it took over a year for Xposed’s developer Rovo89 to build in Nougat support, we are only four months removed from the Oreo release and it is very close. According to Rovo89’s update in the official Xposed thread on XDA, support for Android Oreo is 95% of the way there. His full statement can be seen below.

I know many of you are waiting for Oreo support, and indeed I’m pretty far with that. 95% of the code are ported, basic functionality is working on Genymotion. The remaining 5% are obviously those parts of the code which are more difficult to port. I literally just upgraded my primary device to Android 8.1, so I can hopefully start some real testing soon.

No timeline is given for when support for Android Oreo will get here, but it is a great sign that he is this far in development. Rovo89 also mentioned that testing will hopefully start real soon. If you’d like to be the first to know about Xposed’s progress on Android Oreo, it is best to follow this thread on XDA.


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