Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra/Compact expected specs [most recent]


Xperia Z4 Ultra concept image

Sony has been one of the latest smartphone manufacturers to ascend to the top of the market due to their sleek phones that not only feature good looks, but water resistance. Sony is expected to build off their strong 2014 campaign of the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 with the Xperia Z4 Ultra and Xperia Z4 Compact.

We are seeing more and more manufacturers release two sizes of phones: one with a 4.7 – 5 inch display and another with a 5.5+ inch display to meet both market demands. Sony will continue on that, but this time will release an Xperia Z4 Ultra device with a 5.5+ inch display and a Xperia Z4 Compact with a 5 inch display.  Both will come with water resistance and maintain the same look and feel of their predecessors.

The Z4 Ultra is expected to be one of the top phablets of 2015 by coming with the latest Snapdragon processor (810), Sony’s powerful 20.7 camera, and 4 GB of RAM. One feature that Sony might take from Samsung is the option to have a stylus built-in. The stylus is becoming more and more popular as seen by LG copying Samsung as well.

The Z4 Compact is expected to be a great ‘compact’ device and feature top of the line specs including the Snapdragon 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, and a 5 inch display.

Both devices are expected to be debuted in Q1 of 2015 and could see a February-March release.

Xperia Z4 Ultra

Dimensions 165 x 85 x 8.1 mm
Weight 175 grams
Display 6″ (1440 x 2560) LCD | 493 ppi
Camera 20.7 megapixels (rear) OIS | 5 megapixels (front)
Hardware 2.0 GHz quad-core + 1.5 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 810
Battery 3,600 mAh
Storage 64 GB (expandable)
Operating System Android 5.0 Lollipop
Durability IP68 certified
Colors White, Black

Xperia Z4 Compact

Dimensions 145 x 72 x 7.2 mm
Weight 156 grams
Display 5″ (1080 x 1920) LCD| 443 ppi
Camera 20.7 megapixels (rear) | 2.2 megapixels (front)
Hardware 2.7 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 805
Battery 3,100 mAh
Storage 32 GB (expandable)
Operating System Android 5.0 Lollipop
Durability IP68 certified
Colors White, Black

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