Sony Ready to sell off their smartphone division?!


Sony is stuck in a downward spiral these days , and they have hit a point where any news they give is bad news. Last year , they had to sell off their iconic Vaio laptop division due to losses they were suffering. Sony, in order to give their loyalists some respite, promised that they would work with full focus on their new Smartphone lineup , and make sure the fans forget the Vaio tragedy. However, Sony officials are now considering selling off their mobile phone division as well. Despite putting out some very strong smartphone devices, its sad to see them face loss after loss in every quarter. Recent reports suggests that Sony is facing a $1.9 billion loss in this fiscal year itself. The only way out for Sony , is to either sell off their slow moving smartphone division, or look for a merger.

Sony CEO Kazui Hirai has admit that their Smartphone and entertainment lineup needs a drastic overhaul, and that Sony will put their entire effort in upgrading them. The only saving grace for Sony is the Playstation lineup, which, although, has no record sales to its name, still manages to keep the Sony Bandwagon moving. The sale or merger of their smartphone division will not come without consequences. There will clearly be some major layoffs, and price hike in other products, to overcome this loss. This will also reduce the customer base drastically, as people would not like to hang on to a company whose very existance has come under question now.

Sony has one last chance to get back on its feet in the smartphone market, at the MWC , in Barcelona, where they will release their next flagship device. What was supposed to be a major unveiling for Sony, will now carry the entire fate of the smartphone division on its shoulders. Sony has also announced that they will most likely cut the number of devices they will release to make more money. Sony is going in a very different direction right now, and should this downward trend continue, we are looking at a possible end of Sony in the coming future.


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