Qualcomm previews new smartphone [LG G Flex 2?]


Qualcomm obviously wasn’t taught that teasing isn’t nice. Earlier today on Qualcomm’s official Twitter, they posted an image of a smartphone that has yet to be debuted, sporting a Snapdragon 800 processor. They exclusively tweeted about this device, as no other company (smartphone manufacturer) did, and it will be debuted next month at CES 2015.

It is unknown what company the phone is for, but we can infer from two obvious hints. The first hint is the rear volume and power buttons. There has been only one company that has journeyed its physical buttons to the back of a device, and that is LG. The second hint pointing to an LG device, aside from the buttons, is the brushed metal look of the battery cover. That has been something LG has done for quite some time.

Some are saying that this device could be the successor to the LG G Flex. The LG G Flex 2 was rumored earlier this year to be debuting at CES 2015, so this would support that. While nothing is ever for sure, it is highly unlikely that another smartphone manufacturer has taken on rear facing buttons. So, do you think this is an LG phone, such as the G Flex 2? Let us know!


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