LG V30 will debut August 31, bring along a “new chapter”


It’s official, the LG V30 will be debuted on August 31 in Berlin, Germany. This was confirmed in a tweet from the company’s official Twitter with a few interesting choice words. A the end of their tweet, they included “Mark your calendar for a brand new chapter. #V #LG”.

The LG V30 is obviously the device mentioned, but the “new chapter” sparks some interest. What we are expecting is that the V30 will be the first LG flagship device to use an OLED display. All previous LG flagship devices have been using LCD displays. LG’s shift might have been influenced by Google’s investment and the Pixel XL 2 being rumored to use an LG OLED display, or it’s just a natural evolution of their product. We’re going with the former.

Another strong hint at the display on the V30 being of the OLED type is the background color choice on the event teaser. It is the outline of a display that is various shades of black. AMOLED displays are praised for their ability to produce deep blacks, so that seems to be the case with the V20’s successor.

There isn’t much we know about the specifications of the upcoming LG device, but it is expected that it will come with the Snapdragon 835 processor. This is a huge upgrade from the G6 as it came with last year’s Snapdragon 821 processor. Along than the being larger than the G6, the V30 is expected to still have rounded corners  on the display, dual rear cameras, and a glass back that supports wireless charging.


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  • Nostromo

    A great, big unveiling for the V20 last year on 6 September and the phone was not in consumer’s eager mitts until 21 October. I’d settle-in for a long wait for the V30 with hopes of being pleasantly surprised sooner. All that being said I still use my V20 every day and it’s as fast as the day I activated it. I bought two spare batteries for the V20 and have seldom needed one of them; it’s actually been a rare occasion to have changed a battery; this may bode well for the V30. If the V30 can be seen as the logical evolution of the V20 then we will be looking at a great smartphone. I still have (and use occasionally) my powerful but quirky V10.

    • Matt Kinne

      I was really bummed when the “first phone with Nougat” ended up being released after the Google Pixel. I have high hopes for the V30 as I really liked the G6… but time will tell!

      • Nostromo

        Battery life will be a big factor in the V30’s success. The battery will need to last, if it’s sealed as sources indicate, for the greatest part of a day under moderate to heavy use with intermittent topping-off. That’s what I need to see in LG’s V30. Best wishes.