LG V30 leaked by Evan Blass, shows device at all angles


Is there a major phone that Evan Blass hasn’t leaked this year? The reason I say that is because it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down with leaks anytime soon. Today, Evan has given us our best look at the upcoming LG V30 before its debut on August 31.

The V30 takes an interesting step in the V series, ditching the secondary display that made the V10 and V20 such interesting devices. LG seems to be going all in on the V30 and making it a direct competitor with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. The V30 will have even smaller bezels than the G6, which is quite the achievement.

On the front of the LG V30 is their very own 6 inch QHD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. This will be the first major LG device to ditch LCD in favor of OLED displays. The back of the device follows the trend of LG phones featured dual cameras. One of these cameras, will come with the largest aperture on a smartphone today at f/1.6.

The LED flash has been shifted outside of the camera ring, just to the right. Below the cameras is the power button/fingerprint sensor combo. The volume buttons remain on side of the device. To top it off, the back of the V30 is made of glass that will allow for wireless charging.

The LG V30 specs are unknown at this point, but we will find out more once the device is debuted on August 31.



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