OnePlus One Flash Sale is live for this week only; June 1-7


June 1st for OnePlus has been on the radar of people in the tech community ever since they touted their “Time to change” teaser on social media. It was original thought that it would be the announcement of the long-awaited OnePlus Two, but leaked information suggested otherwise.

A few days ago, fonearena revealed that the OnePlus One was to receive a $50 price cut around the board; turns out they were right, but there’s a catch. The $50 discount making the 64 GB Sandstone Black model $300 and the 16 GB Silk White model $250 are only available or one week only. On top of that, they are in flash sales only.

The Flash Sale came about as OnePlus decided they would “experiment” with their pricing for one week. They also are pushing the “we’re not making money” mantra again, so they could be setting the stage for the OnePlus Two, but that’s another story. The Flash Sale experiment will last from June 1-7 and times will vary throughout the world so everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Everyday there is a limited quantity of devices up for grabs, but that number is unknown. They will announce the Flash Sale on their social media accounts throughout the sale, but if you’d rather know the times, we’ll post them below.

The sale is only available on and isn’t currently available for the India and Southeast Asia regions. Country specific promotions will be coming soon.

Daily Sale Schedule:

June 1 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 2 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 3 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 4 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 5 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 6 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 7 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)


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