Download: OnePlus 5T wallpapers – FHD and 4K resolutions!


The OnePlus 5T was officially announced today, but we have unofficially seen it multiple times. Once again, OnePlus contracted Hampus Olsson to create wallpapers for their new device. If that name sounds familiar, that is because we shared his OnePlus 5 wallpapers previously. Since the 5T is a new device, we have a whole new set of wallpapers in both 4K and FHD resolutions.

The difference between the OnePlus 5T and previous OnePlus devices, is that it is the first device to feature an 18:9 display. Since the display is slightly taller, there was more room for Hampus Olsson to work with. There are five wallpapers in total, but both are available in either 1080 x 2160 or 2160 x 4320 resolutions. This is what Hampus had to say about designing the new wallpapers:

The objective with these new wallpapers was similar to that of OnePlus 5, but this time also focusing on the taller, more awesome screen, making it stand out in the best way possible.

You can download the wallpapers below:

Download Zip File

OnePlus 5T wallpapers FHD

OnePlus 5T wallpapers 4K



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