OnePlus Two could be announced on June 1st


It has been just over a year since OnePlus took the mobile tech community by storm, announcing the ‘One’, which was a device that featured all the flagship specs, without the flagship price. Now, with a full year as a company and over a million devices sold, OnePlus will look to follow up a strong showing, and that may come June 1st.

OnePlus took to Twitter today, stating “We’re always looking for ways to shake up the tech industry. And we think it’s time for change. Find out more June 1.” We can all safely assume, thanks to the image along with it, that the OnePlus Two will almost assuredly be announced that day.

The image which shows a OnePlus One being half erased shows that OnePlus is rethinking the design of the device, as a more premium look and feel is expected. The OnePlus Two is expected to have a Snapdragon 810 processor and 3 GB of RAM. On top of that it will retain the a FHD 5.5 inch display. On top of that, because of the more premium design, the device is rumored to cost around $400.

It is unknown if another smaller device will be released, but that has been rumored to coincide with the OnePlus Two. One thing is for sure however, the same invite system used previously will be reinstated for an extended period of time, just like before. It will most likely come with a larger quantity of invites this time around though, due to OnePlus’s ability to keep the supply up with demand.

If the OnePlus Two is debuted on June 1st, will you be picking it up? We’ll definitely be trying to get our hands on one of them.



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