The OnePlus 5T gets shown off by Evan Blass in official render


There was a good period of time where we didn’t know if a OnePlus 5T would happen. Sporadic rumors and nothing concrete didn’t get our hopes hope, until Evan Blass posted that it was true. Even without a processor upgrade, there would be a OnePlus 5T. Although, this time around, it was the displays turn to get an upgrade.

Today, Evan Blass has posted our best look at the upcoming OnePlus device we have seen to date. The render only shows the top half of the device, but it confirms that it will have very slim bezels. It also seems the popular Midnight Black color will be returning for another go.

Not much else can be told about the OnePlus 5T in this image. We do know that it will come with the slim bezeled 18:9 display (similar to the OPPO R11s), but specs are somewhat unknown at this point. The device will surely come with the Snapdragon 835 processor and most likely 8GB of RAM. There are rumors of a slight camera upgrade, but nothing we would place a bet on.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until November for the official unveiling, or just wait for Evan Blass to post more information. I’ll bet on the latter coming first.


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