OnePlus 5 leaks, looks very much like an iPhone 7 Plus


Well, that didn’t take too long. Just a few hours after OnePlus announced when the OnePlus 5 would be unveiled, it leaked. This time the leak is courtesy of Android PoliceNot much is known about the upcoming OnePlus flagship, but we can gather a few things from the leaked press render.

One of the most noticeable features on the leaked image of the OnePlus 5 is that it does come with a dual camera setup. This is becoming exceedingly popular lately, mainly with the iPhone 7 Plus, Essential PH-1, and a number of other devices. A dual camera setup has been rumored for awhile, now we finally have a picture.

OnePlus 5 render

Aside from the dual cameras on the back, the image tells us a few things. There is no fingerprint sensor on the back of the device. The mute switch remains a staple for OnePlus, residing in the same location as previous devices. It also seems as if the side bezels of the device seem thinner. OnePlus did hint at the device fitting under the OnePlus 3T’s footprint. The device in the image also comes with one of the wallpapers that was leaked earlier. Click here to view the wallpaper (sans NEVER SETTLE).

I’m guessing that this leak is the first of many to come before the announcement on the 20th. Usually with leaks they come in waves, so we’ll see.


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