OnePlus 2 to feature a ‘lightning quick’ fingerprint sensor


Everyday, we inch closer to the official debut of the OnePlus 2 which will be July 27th in virtual reality. Until then, OnePlus decided it would be a good idea to bring little features that the OnePlus 2 will have. First, we found out it had the Snapdragon 810 processor. Then, it was on to the USB Type C connector and the reveal date. Now, it seems as if the OnePlus 2 will sport a fingerprint sensor.

It is definitely perfect timing for OnePlus to include a fingerprint sensor into the 2, as Android M will support it natively. They state that they pondered to include a fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus One, but the technology just wasn’t there yet. Now it is.

The OnePlus 2 will feature a fingerprint sensor that is claimed to be lightning quick, unlocking your device faster than TouchID. That is laying down a big claim, especially since we don’t know the exact location of the sensor. We would assume it would be on the back of the device, near the OnePlus logo on the back of the One, but we won’t know until the 27th.

The real question is will the fingerprint sensor actually outperform the iPhone’s TouchID? If it was able to outperform the iPhone, that would truly be a feat. The Galaxy S6/S6 edge fingerprint sensor is the best on the market for Android, but it still isn’t TouchID level. So either OnePlus is telling the truth, or they are trying to stir the pot and make a name for themselves.

The fingerprint sensor will definitely add on to the total price of the OnePlus 2, as does the Snapdragon 810. OnePlus is pushing the 2 as a flagship, not a budget device this time around.



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