OnePlus 2 will feature a USB Type C port; first major device to do so


It seems as if OnePlus is following the marketing ideas of the likes of Samsung and LG. First, Samsung detailed a new feature of their Galaxy S6/S6 edge one at a time. LG followed that up by doing the same thing with their G4. Now, OnePlus, the company that wants to take down the flagships have joined their marketing strategy. Today, OnePlus announced what could be the 2’s biggest feature.

Just last week, it was announced that the OnePlus 2 would feature the Snapdragon 810. Overheating issues aside, OnePlus argued that with Qualcomm’s latest version (2.1) and OnePlus’s specially tailored software, would make it run much smoother. Not only will the OnePlus 2 feature the latest Snapdragon 810 processor, but it will be the first mainstream phone to feature a USB Type C port.

Now that the OnePlus 2 will be on the cutting edge of technology; it will be able to charge, display, and transfer data at a very high rate. Google is going all in with the USB Type C port, as they have already put it on the Chromebook Pixel and are expected to debut their two Nexus devices with it later this year. Unfortunately for them, OnePlus beat them to the punch.

Now that more information has surfaced regarding the One’s successor, is it enough to convince to buy the device? The OnePlus 2 will definitely be power-packed, even more so than its predecessor. The only problem is, it will come with a price.



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