Microsoft Edge : Where does it stand yet?


Microsoft Edge is the very own browser for Windows 10!

It was released with Windows 10 on 29th July 2015 .

Personally, using it has been both pleasure and pain . I have been an Insider since the first day of the Windows Insider program and tested every bit of Windows 10 including the Microsoft Edge browser .

Screenshot (22)Let’s kickoff by talking about some statistics .

Recently, StatCounter published its new report on browser usage and guess what, Firefox and Google Chrome are leading Edge and IE together .


What are the causes? Less publicity? or people think that Edge is IE with a new skin?

I strongly disagree with the publicity part but somewhat agree with the IE with a new skin part . The real thing is that people didn’t had a reason to switch to Microsoft Edge . Microsoft has been telling its users that Edge is not IE and has been written separately, Edge has the latest rendering engine and what not . But Frankly, does a normal consumer care? What a normal consumer expects is Fast Browsing, Good Downloading capabilities, Security, etc .

I strongly agree on the security part . Microsoft Smart Screen integrated with Edge keeps me far more away from Malicious Websites but when it comes to fast browsing, it doesn’t work properly on Slower Connections . The main issue is that the browser stops loading a page after a few seconds and keeps me on a Blank screen .

In countries like India, where Broadband connections are slow (about 512 Kbps) this is actually annoying . The same goes for downloading part it just gets interrupted .

Also, people refrain from changes . To be precise, it is difficult to gain their trust . You are not supposed to be good but the best to force a change . Like, extensions (Coming with the Anniversary Update), Web Notifications (Anniversary Update) , Fast performance on slow connections (Soon maybe) ,etc .

Talking about the extension, it makes me really happy to see great extensions like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus making their way to Edge . Till now, we have seen a great interests by the Developers to bring their extensions to Edge which is fairly nice .

The Edge team is working actively and hard on making it the best browser ever . So far, the progress is great and we expect a far more better browser that may lead to revolution to the web .

Hope this post helps out the Edge team to work on fixing some things or implement them in even a better way.

If you have something to add or your own opinion, feel free to add them up on the comments section below! 🙂

Stay Tuned!

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