Maximize the potential of the Camera on Lumia Phones running Windows 10 Mobile


Lumia phones are mainly loved because of their Great camera and huge battery life .

People who own a Lumia love to boast and show off their photography skills . This post will be a boon for these kind of people who love to play with the camera rocking on their Lumia phones .

WARNING : This hack requires interop unlocking your phone which is dangerous and not recommended by Microsoft or anyone else . Do it at your own risk . Neither me nor the source of this information is responsible for anything wrong that goes with your device . This also results in voiding the warranty of your device .

So, to maximize the manual controls of your phone’s camera follow these steps :

1 open CustomPFD and move to Registry Tree
2 continue to HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\nokia\Camera
3. choose FrontFacingCamera (FFC) or RearFacingCamera (RFC)
4. continue to Caps
5. if you want to set minimal ISO, select “+” and type Key: MinIso | value: less than 100 (example 25), and WRITE
6. if you want to set maximal Shutter Speed, select “+” and type key: MaxET | value: 4000000 (more value dont work), and WRITE
7 Test your Camera .


#1 Maybe by this way, you can regain the 4s shutter speed capabilities on Lumia 520,525,630,etc .

#2 All the values must be in DWORD32 .


Why don’t you tell us what it worked like in the comments below? 🙂


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