LG’s next smartwatch could sport a 480×480 resolution


Last year, we saw the first big push from smartwatches, as both LG and Motorola released watches with a round display. The former, was completely round and came in with a 320×320 resolution. The latest reports suggest that LG’s upcoming watch will sport an even more pixel dense display.

Phandroid obtained some information about ‘Nemo’, apparently the codename for the next smartwatch by the Korean company. According to their report, the device will come with a 460×460 display; that would be the highest resolution in a smartwatch to date.

o give you a perspective how on Nemo, if it were to sport a display with a 460×460 display and had the same 1.3 inch screen as the G Watch R/Urbane, it would come in at nearly 340 ppi. That is a higher density than Apple’s iPhone 6 (326 ppi).

All has been quite quiet on the smartwatch front as of late, as we are all still waiting for the next big thing in smartphone accessories. Since we are entering the second half of 2015, more info should continue to come out.


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