LG G4 will be $600 regardless of leather or plastic battery cover


Just the other day, Phone Probe exclusively brought you the price of the LG G4, which would come in at $600 for both Sprint and T-Mobile off-contract. The only thing was, that was the price with just the metallic plastic battery cover, not the praised leather variant.

If you haven’t seen it, T-Mobile and LG have teamed up to tour the nation in a food truck to show off the LG G4. If you would to see which cities they are going to, you can find that here. They have purposefully or inadvertently passed out some information surrounding the newest flagship of 2015.

According to a Reddit user who spoke with T-Mobile/LG representative at the showing in Houston, TX, they were very adamant that the LG G4 would be priced firmly at $600. That means it doesn’t matter if it comes with the leather or plastic battery cover.

Some other news include that T-Mobile will carry Black Leather and White Ceramic alongside the originally announced Brown Leather and Metallic Gray. It is unknown when T-Mobile will actually put up their pre-order system, but we can safely assume that it will be before any other carrier, due to their close relationship with LG.


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