[LEAK] Windows 10 Mobile Screenshots


Last month Microsoft announced that they would roll out Windows 10 Mobile builds to Windows Insiders more frequently. The next release is slightly delayed due to an unknown reason, but it is expected to be released this week.

Watching this excitement, Nawzil has posted some screenshots on the Internet from an Internal Build on his phone (10.0.1007x).

These screenshots reveal more about controlling the Tile Transparency, more and better accent colors added to the build, the new Store (Beta) codenamed UniStore, a better Settings App, Mouse controls and mobile hotspots via Bluetooth as well as WiFi .

The Office apps are available on the Store right now and will be downloadable on your phone with the next build. We hope to see a new Windows 10 Mobile build releasing to the Insiders in a few days .

Stay Tuned!

Source : Nawzil Najeeb

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