HTC One M9 appears in Gold


HTC One M9 Gold 1

The HTC One M9 has seen the rounds lately. Everything has been seen from decoy units to even unofficial press renders.  One thing that has been consistent throughout has been the color silver, aside from one decoy seen republished by Today, images of a Gold HTC One M9 have surfaced.

HTC One M9 Gold 3

The golden HTC One M9, which can be seen above, has not been confirmed if it is a decoy unit or an actual model, as all we can see is the rear of the device. It follows the same profile has the leaks from Phandroid, except it is Gold in color.

HTC One M9 Gold 2

The back of this device definitely seems more refined than previous leaks, so it could be the closest thing to the final design, aside from the renders leaked by evleaks. With more and more images appearing ahead of the March 1st debut at Mobile World Congress, it’s only a matter of time before we see the real HTC One M9 in full.



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