Google Now will now suggest musicians, stocks, and sports teams based on interests in your area


Google Now is one of the most interesting apps made from Google. It really is an all in one tool that can tell you about your favorite sports teams, weather, and even travel times. Well, it seems like Google is now trying to get you more in tune with your area as a server side update to the app now suggests popular things in your area.

Google Now suggestions 1

The newest addition to Google Now will suggest certain musicians, stocks, and even sports teams based on your location. I don’t know if more suggestions will pop up, but this is what I have received so far. I’m assuming it gets its information from what other Google Now users in your area tend to follow, search for, and which websites they visit.

Be sure to let us know if you have seen the update, The app version on my Nexus 6P running Android N was which was last posted on April 6th. Are you a fan of Google suggesting things to you based on interests in your area?



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