Android Wear update brings watch battery statistics back [download link]


When Android Wear version 1.4 was released, one of the most sought after features was taken out for no apparent reason. That feature was the ability to check your smartwatch’s battery statistics. The good news is that  Android Wear version was released today and brings back watch battery stats.

There is a slightly different way to navigate to your watch’s battery stats now since Android Wear can now support multiple smartwatches for a single device. To get to the newly brought back feature, you have to go to your Android Wear app, press the settings icon at the top of the page, select your device in Device settings, then press Watch battery.

Android Wear watch battery

Now that the battery stats for smartwatches has returned, we’ll have to see how reliable it is. With how small smartwatch batteries are, it will be good to see what is draining the battery. In the image above, my watch is projected to last another day, which seems possible with the usage mainly being the display (always on) and watch idle. We’ll report back in our Huawei Watch review.

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