Android will soon get new emojis


A while back, senior vice president of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer posted on Twitter that new emojis were in the works. As it stands right now, Android uses Unicode 6.0 for emojis, which is two versions behind the latest, Unicode 8.0. Unicode 8.0 brings many more emojis to the mix, including the highly coveted middle finger.

Well, it turns out he wasn’t kidding because according to one of his latest tweets, Lockheimer stated that new emojis will be hitting Nexus devices next week. For other devices who don’t use the default emojis and use their own proprietary skins, they’ll have to wait awhile.

This will not come as a Google Keyboard update, but rather a new system image. Lockheimer also stated that there will be a new keyboard as well, which will be interesting to follow. Are you excited for the new emojis coming to Android?


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