Game Changer for Microsoft on its way with Lumia 1030


Microsoft gave their rejuvenated Windows Phone lineup, a rather slow start, with a string of mid range devices, none of which are what you would call ” out of the world “. However, news has been floating around of a possible WP flagship from Microsoft , which might just be the saving grace for the company. Microsoft has been going really slow when it comes to their mobile OS, and while people are eager to get their hands dirty and use the Windows Phone devices, the lack of majority of standard apps, and the rather buggy OS is stopping them.

Microsoft has hinted that they will unify PC and Mobile experience in their upcoming Windows 10 OS, but then again, not all Windows Phone devices will be treated to the upgrade. All this is pulling down the Windows OS, and its about time Microsoft got their act together ,and continue the Lumia Legacy. Lumia went out with a bang , after the 1520 became a stellar hit, even giving the Note 3 a fight. But once Microsoft took over, instead of carrying forward from 1520, they went back to the basics and released a number of devices which are pure entry level and don’t even boast the rather sleek design that the Lumia range displayed.

The phone doing the rounds now is dubbed ‘1030’. Earlier, this device was also known as the McLaren, a prototype which was scrapped by Nokia and Microsoft. A few months ago, there were leaked pics, claiming the McLaren concept was indeed back from the dead. Looks like Microsoft is serious now, and hopefully, the 1030 sees the light of the day.

The uofficial preliminary spec sheet is out, and this is what we can expect from the 1030 –

  • Connectivity – The device will feature 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity, which conforms with current international standards. We will be getting a single micro-sim flavor which is perfectly fine.
  • Display – The 1030 will feature a 5 inch 1080p Full HD display with a pixel density clocking 441ppi. The screen protection will ba handled by Coring Gorilla Glass 4 and also, the PureMotion and ClearBlack Display will be included. This is definitely a powerful display package , and should all of this actually feature in this device, we are in for a visual treat. The Lumia ( Now just Microsoft ) range has boasted one of the best displays in the market, and the 1030 will surely carry that baton with pride, and execute to perfection.
  • OS and performance – So far, there is no update on what chipset will power this device, but what we do know, is that the device will boot the upcoming Windows 10 OS out of box, and that should bring with it a whole new array of features, including continuity with the PC OS which will launch along with the mobile OS. Apple and Android have now brdged the gap between PC and mobiles, and Microsoft does not want to be left behind. The new OS , will also bring the usual bug fixes, and some new features which will be unveiled as days go by. So far, Microsoft has announced that only the new lineup of devices will get the Windows 10 update, and no confirmation has been given as to whether or not, any of the Lumia devices of yesteryear will be given the upgrade or not.
  • Memory – As far as the memory package is concerned, we can expect 32 GB internal memory with 2GB RAM. We will also be getting an expansion slot which will be able to host SD card upto 128 GB. When we see 2GB RAM in an Android phone, we leap with joy, as 2GB RAM is a blessing to people who like to multi-task. But keep in mind, Android is not really light on memory. On the contrary, Windows Phone OS is probably the lightest OS of the lot, and when we club that with 2GB RAM, we get a phone which will perform faster than Speed Racer’s Mach 5. So, in conclusion, this memory package is an instant winner.
  • Camera – The 1020 revolutionised smarphone photography with a 41 MP rear camera sensor. The 1030 , however, is set to beat the 1020, with a better 50 MP rear camera sensor which will also feature Carl Zeiss optics, OIS and dual LED flash. The front camera is a 2MP sensor, which might not sound like much, but when we have carl zeiss optics powering your phone’s cameras, rest assured, your selfies are going to be just fine.

The battery rating is not yet finalised, and I will update this post once that information comes to light. Other value added features will include Dolby Digital audio enhancement, NFC, HERE maps, Cortana voice assistance and  FM radio among others. I would love an IR port in the 1030, as it is a very popular feature these days, and Microsoft can hit a home run if that liitle feature is included in the package as well. The overall design will most probably follow the design language of the Lumia flagships of the past, which will come as a big sigh of relief for the Windows phone loyalists. What will be missing is the iconic NOKIA badge. The badge was half the reaso people invested in Windows phones in the past, and I firmly believe Microsoft made a big mistake by phasing out the badge in exchange for their own branding.

All in all, the phone is a winner, and should it come to life, its going to be a game changer for Microsoft.


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