Galaxy S6 new design render leaked?


We have heard time and time again that Samsung will employ an all-new design for the Galaxy S6. Their sales have been on the decline and they think a new start will jump start their smartphone sales. It all started with the codename ‘Project Zero’, then a new home button/fingerprint sensor, to the device sporting an Exynos 7420 processor.

Galaxy S6 render

The image, which comes republished by Cinquetacche, shows a render of a design mock up of the upcoming Galaxy S6. The render does match up with what BGR reported earlier, a slim and sleek redesign and what SamMobile stated about the home button.

The home button, which is noticeably larger than any of the Galaxy predecessors, is most likely due to the upgraded fingerprint sensor that the Galaxy S6 will sport. The volume rockers become two separate entities instead of the previous one piece design. That was reported as well.

As with every leak of high-profile devices, be weary. This is an unknown source as of now, but the image does look promising. Someone either went to great lengths to fake this, or they got their hands on something great. Remember, Samsung will debut the Galaxy S6 March 2nd at Mobile World Congress (MWC), so we’ll know¬†soon if this is real or not.

I wouldn’t mind this design, so what do you guys think? Let us know!

Via: SamMobile 

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