Android M Developer Preview will receive updates monthly


A lot of information has been pouring out of Android today, and that is because Android M was announced. On top of that, Google released the Developer Preview for the latest version of Android and it is chalk full of new features and improvements. New info has surfaced from the Android Developer website on when to expect updates.

Android M preview timeline

The Android M Developer Preview runs from May 27th until the final release, which will come right before the public release in Q3 of 2015. There will be a total of three previews until the final product is released. Here are the dates.

  • Preview 1 (initial Preview release, late May)
  • Preview 2 (late June/early July)
  • Preview 3 (near final late July)

That gives a pretty good expectation of when to expect the final Public Release of Android M. If this holds true, then an mid-August release reported earlier wouldn’t be out of the question.

As far as updating your Developer Preview, you can find out when the latest version of Android M is available by checking the Android Developers Blog, the Android M Developer Community, or checking back here, as we’ll stay updated. The nice thing is that all updates will come via OTA updates, which means no more flashing is necessary.

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