Nexus 5X in-call speaker now can be enabled as a speaker [root]


When the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P were leaked, both appeared to have dual front-facing speakers. We all knew that Google was a huge fan ever since Motorola did it with the original Nexus 6, they wouldn’t turn back. Unfortunately, only the Nexus 6P had true dual front-facing speakers and the Nexus 5X was left with just a single speaker, albeit front-facing. Now, thanks to XDA the in-call speaker on the 5X to create a dual front-facings at last.

Now, of course you will need to root your Nexus 5X for this to even be possible, so if you’re interested in that visit this XDA thread, very helpful. Now, the creator says that while it does enable dual front-facing speakers, just be aware that it will not be as loud as true dual speakers. With that said, two speakers are always better than one, right?


I am not responsible in any way for anything that happens to your device whether manually installing the files or flashing zip files for the surround sound mod. You do so at your own risk. Many have tested this on their 5X phone and it works great. Enjoy


The install can be done a couple different ways including, extracting the files included in the zip and manually pushing them to system/etc, set permissions to rw r r, and reboot.

The easiest way to it is flashing the included zips in your custom recovery.


UPPER (Handset) SPEAKER LOUD: Mediafire


For any questions, issues, or concerns, visit the XDA thread.


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