Smart Battery brings more accurate battery estimates to Pixel devices


Have you ever noticed your phone’s battery life predictions haven’t been that accurate? Well, if you are a Pixel owner that is about to change. Google has just rolled out some changes to the way they calculate usage. According to a Pixel Product manager, Smart Battery will bring more accurate battery estimates to all Pixel devices.

Previously, the device would calculate your battery usage in real-time. For example, if you used 10% of your battery in the last hour, it will assume you will keep doing so at that same fixed rate. This would make the estimate of total battery life vary throughout the day. This newest update will alleviate those issues.

Smart Battery uses an on-device model that calculates how you use your battery overtime. This means that your battery life estimate will be more accurate and tailored specifically to you. For example, if you use your Pixel a lot in the morning, your battery life estimate will accommodate for that. As you can tell by my battery life estimate above, it fluctuates throughout and is not a straight line. It is calculating my battery life based off of previous usage.



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