Would you get a 5.7 inch Nexus device? [discusson]


Today, rumors of this year’s Google’s Nexus device added fuel to the fire of what to expect from the device. First off, both LG and Huawei have been rumored as the device’s manufacturer, but Huawei has been more heavily talked about. Today’s rumors, have the device sporting a 5.7 inch QHD display being backed by the controversial Snapdragon 810 processor.

These rumors, which came from a Chinese analyst named Pan Jiutang, have us turning away from LG and looking at Huawei. One thing that concerns me of these rumors, is that they [Huawei] has yet to produce a QHD display panel. This could lead to display issues as seen on the Nexus 6; poor brightness spectrum and poor colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nexus 6, but Motorola definitely dropped the ball on the QHD display. Comparing it to the Note 4 or the S6, it is definitely behind. It was their first attempt and lessons are learned from mistakes.

I think for the main part of the next device is not so much what it features, but who it is made by. Personally, I’d like to see LG step up to the plate again and get another shot at making a Nexus device. The Nexus 5, was a great device, even with budget hardware. If they were to employ top-of-the-line specs, which they assuredly will if they make it, it will be a great device.

If LG used a design more akin to the G3, it could have the makings for a great device. Not only that, but the G3 overall design seems to match up with the “unknown” Nexus device found in Google’s Project Fi video. Google claims it is just a generic device, but let’s be honest, it looks very much like an LG device. The video can be seen below.

As for as Huawei goes, I would still be interested in the device, but not as much if LG were to make it. Huawei hasn’t gotten a foothold in America just yet, so their phones are rather unknown. From the looks of their devices, they seem well-built and are liked internationally, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. If Huawei is indeed the maker of the next Nexus device, they will definitely bring their ‘A’ game because it would be their first large release in America.

Regardless how the manufacturer is, I think the idea of having a 5.7 display would be perfect for the Nexus (2015). For me, the Nexus 6 is very do-able, but I personally think 5.5 inches is the perfect medium; it captures normal users and phablet users. The smaller the display on the new device will be, the more widely liked it would be, which would be great for the Nexus program. Too many people see the Nexus 6 as a device that is too big, it even hindered some from upgrading from their Nexus 5.

Until Google makes it official, all we can do is speculate, even with rumors flying around. One thing we do know, is that the next Nexus device will debut towards the end of the year in October. It will just be interesting to see who they give the honor of making the Nexus 2015.

So, what are your thoughts on it? It definitely seems like Huawei is going to be the manufacturer, but it is still possible that LG enters the fray. Which one would you prefer, and would it be a deal breaker? Let us know!



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