Next Huawei P-series camera could top the Pixel 2 and iPhone X


Currently, the Pixel 2 tops the DxOMark rank for the best mobile camera on the market. Following the Pixel 2’s score of 98 are the Huawei Mate 10 and iPhone X, both tied at 97. According to some newly leaked Huawei ads, it seems that the Chinese company isn’t satisfied with being in a tie for second place. The upcoming P-series device might feature some of the best camera hardware seen in a smartphone to date.

Huawei P-series camera specs

Evan Blass was able to obtain some interesting ads that were posted by a digital artist with Huawei affiliation. None of this has been confirmed, but the source of the ads is quite intriguing. There are four different parts of the “PCE-series” ad, each featuring a different aspect of the device’s cameras and software. All of the highlighted features promote excellent low-light photography.

The next P-series device could feature a 40 megapixel triple lens system with 5x hybrid zoom. It would be one of the first smartphones to feature a three lens system. It will also feature a 24 megapixel front-facing camera, promising “clearer and sharper” selfies in low-light scenarios.

Pro Night mode and  Pro AI camera assist will tie all of this camera hardware together.. The Pro Night mode claims it captures 100% more light to “shoot gorgeous night scenes”. The Pro AI assist seems as if it will be an improved auto mode to detect faces and scene recognition to improve photos.

We haven’t heard much about the successor to the Huawei P10, but this information definitely makes it a device to keep an eye on. Huawei has always had great cameras, but it seems like they are taking it to the next level.


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