The HTC Nexus could be returning with two devices this year


We all have heard the story time and time again about how bad of shape HTC is in. Their stocks continue to go down and their so-called “Hero” device (HTC One A9) didn’t live up to the hype. So what can the Taiwanese company do to bring back their “punch”? What if HTC were to team-up with Google again? Would an HTC Nexus solve HTC’s problem? That could be the case because the latest rumors point towards that exact thing happening.

The rumor which sprouted up on Weibo claims that HTC is going to not only make one, but two Nexus devices this year. There will be a 5 inch model and another larger 5.5 inch model, following what Google has done this past year. To back up the supposed rumor, LlabTooFeR, a known HTC leaker with a great track record confirmed the code names of T50 and T55.

So an HTC Nexus definitely could be in the works, especially if Huawei has been tapped to manufacture a Nexus 7 (2016) tablet and not a smartphone. It would be a big case of nostalgia due to the fact that HTC made the very first Nexus, which helped bolster HTC’s foothold in the market.

The question is, does HTC still have it? The last Nexus device they made was the Nexus 9, which received mixed reviews. I was a fan of the design, but it was still lacking. Even before that, they did make a Google Play Edition HTC One M8, but it was very limited and not advertised to the masses. It was well-received, so it makes you wonder how well a full-on HTC Nexus device would do.

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