T-Mobile now matches Sprint by covering 280 million POPs with LTE


The Un-Carrier initiative has been quite the success for T-Mobile. Ever since John Legere has taken the reign of the now third largest U.S. carrier, subscribers have been flooding through the doors uncontrollably. The latest news surrounding the magenta carrier comes from CTO Neville Ray, where he states that T-Mobile now covers over 280 million POPs (Point of Presence) with LTE.

Originally, 280 million with LTE coverage was initially their mid-2015 goal, but they have already surpassed that. According to Ray, T-Mobile’s goal is to cover 300 million POPs with LTE by the end of this calendar year. 20 million seems very tangible with over six months still left before 2016 rolls around.

In comparison to AT&T and Verizon, they still hold a commanding 38 million lead over T-Mobile and gang with 308 million POPs as of this month. There is still plenty of time left in the race, so it will definitely be interesting to see the numbers by the end of the year. T-Mobile continues to push out their LTE expansion and it is going at a very high pace.



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