Samsung Galaxy S6 Active leaks; shows off rugged device


There have been reports of a Galaxy S6 Active ever since it was rumored¬†that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge wouldn’t be water resistant. That was all the way back in mid-January. Today, we get our first look at the Galaxy S6 Active thanks to an anonymous tipster over at GSMArena. Not only that, Phandroid confirmed that it is also the device they have seen from their source who went unnamed and images went unposted (to protect identity).

It is the phone a lot of die-hard smartphone fans have been waiting for, mainly due to its features compared to its non-Active counterparts. Of course, it will be water resistant, most likely IP68 rated, but it also comes with a larger battery. It features a much larger 3,500 mAh battery compared to the 2,600 mAh battery on the S6 edge and the 2,550 mAh battery on the flat S6.

Galaxy S6 Active

As seen in the pictures, the Galaxy S6 Active looks more akin to the Galaxy S5 Active than the regular Galaxy S6. It lacks a fingerprint sensor, but makes up for it with heavier, more tactile buttons. No capactive keys on this device. It still features the same specs: Exynos 7420 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 16 megapixel rear-facing camera, and 5.1 inch QHD display. The camera and flash are in the same location as the S6, however the speaker has been moved to the back of the device to account for the larger battery and thicker profile.

It definitely won’t be long for the device to be announced seeing as there is a complete product with carrier branding on it. Once AT&T and Samsung make the S6 Active official, we’ll be sure to have you covered.


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